The Story

Her passionate journey represents a colorful yet innocent love affair between her and Louis XIV.

In daring to recreate her in our present time, LAVALLIERE is personified as a strong, bold, confident lady. Her feminism, charm and good taste are definitely as her strongest virtues. Passionate and wild, yet sophisticated and elegant, she keeps on astonishing her audience with her attractive looks and sensual side. LAVALLIERE is without any doubt the lady of the century.

Her one of a kind character gives LAVALLIERE, the brand, an exclusive look. She is every Lady’s idol, she is every lady’s aspiration, and she is reliving through their dreams and brought into existence by their imagination.

LaValiere brand reflects Fine Jewelry creations inspired by the daring image expressed in LaValliere jewelry collection, as well as the strong themes that symbolize the brand’s identity. 

LaValliere is renowned for its exclusive, high quality, certified and exceptional pieces, it is a unique piece for a unique woman.